10 Exciting Professions to Hunt as an Artist!

artistes-careersArtists are free spirits who find it really difficult to adjust in usual setting of workplace environment. They are sensitive souls who are more attracted towards the beauty of nature and aesthetic nuances. They have a fascination for creativity which is why they are always in search of new ideas and inspiration. Due to their temperament and taste, they are more appropriate for jobs that require imagination. So, if you are a budding talent who is looking for a career in a creative niche, then you are only a step away from some of the most attractive career opportunities. Here they are:

1. Graphic Designer

 Do you have a skills and taste in graphics and web design? If yes, then you can find some really inspiring opportunities as a graphic designer. The industry has seen a dramatic growth, all thanks to the rapid boom in online portals or digital marketing. The job of graphic designers is to create appealing logos and webpage layouts that can attract the hearts and minds of the masses.

2. Advertising

Are you stimulated by visual medium? If so, then have a look at any advertising agency and you will find several opportunities that could match your talent. You can find a career as an art director, script writer, editor or director of photography. Just find your inner artist and then build a profile that can land you an attractive job.

3. Copywriter

 Can you play with words? Then you should focus your energies on the creative writing. Consider a job as a copywriter that requires you to tempt the masses with catchy one-liners and killer taglines. There are plenty of opportunities that are available for promising copywriters who can earn a name in the advertising field.

4. Make-Up Artist

 Make-up artists are the most important member of a creative team. They usually work alongside with professional models, actors and celebrities to give them a just right look. As a make-up artist, you can target a charming profession in showbiz and fashion industry. The world of glamour can provide you with a perfect pad to launch your career in other creative fields as well that might further enrich your inner talent.

5. Fashion Designer

 If you have an interest in apparels designs and cuts, then you might become the next Pierre Cardin. Fashion industry offers some really fantastic ideas for enthusiastic designers who want to unleash their inner talent and showcase it to the whole world. So, if you want to make a name in world of fashion, then this is the right time to make a portfolio of your design. In the next step, you need to look for brands who can match your style of designing.

6. Painter

Do you feel an impulse to give your ideas a picture of colors and shapes? If that is the case, then you need to nurture this hidden talent. Get a painting toolkit and breathe life into your concepts. As a painter, you can earn some hefty bucks by selling your artworks in art galleries and exhibitions.

 7. Journalist

 Journalism is one of the oldest fields in creative sphere. Similar to advertising field, the field of journalism has two major forms: print and electronic. The technicalities of journalism are also very much similar to that of advertising profession with the only exception of style and tone. As a creative person, you can choose journalism to utilize your talent as a writer, director, editor or anchor.

8. Musician

 As an artist, you might feel an inclination towards melody. If you happen to be that person, then give music a try. You can take help from a mentor who can assist you in developing your vocal chords or refining your composition skills.

 9. Photographer

Do you have a fantasy to shoot nature live in action like in the rainforest of Savanna? Or want a more glamorous career as a fashion photographer? In both case, you can earn a good living by seeking a job as a professional photographer.

10. Chef

If you want to change the traditional idea of making food, then you can build a charming career as a chef. You can get some good money working as a cook in a reputed restaurant and at the same time get praises of food lovers.

This article is written by Saha William, who loves to do blogging and writing for ResearchPaperLabs.com.