5 Smart Ways To Land A Job

In today’s globally competitive environment, having a sterling resume with a good number of citations, awards and recommendations is no longer enough to secure anyone of a job. You have to think of more creative ways to compete in the job market or look for new ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are 5 smart ways to land a job without depending on your resume:

  1. Utilize Your Network

If you’ve made networking a regular habit in your professional career, finding a job should not be difficult for you.

Networking is a generally accepted activity in business. It does not have to be in a formal setting. You can network just almost about anywhere. All you need is an opportunity to share what you can do. If you’ve made a good impression then the contact will remember you. A key aspect of networking is to keep in touch.

Review your network and identify at least 30 people who are connected with companies or businesses that you believe would be interested with your experience and skill set.

If you have a cordial relationship with your connection, give him or her a call to touch base and to check if there are openings in their company. A number of things could happen, your contact could directly put you through the head of recruitment or he or she could refer you to other contacts.

If the connection is more of an acquaintance, you could send him or her an e-mail. The tone of the e-mail should be informal, light and unpretentious. A sample e-mail would be:

“Hi Jack,

It’s been awhile since we last communicated. I met you at the Trade Show last April 2015. I hope everything is going well with the software program you were promoting at the show.

As I mentioned, I am a software developer by profession. Since we last talked, I’ve developed a number of good apps for companies like ABC and XYZ.

If you’re available this week, maybe we could arrange for a quick meeting to see if there are opportunities in your company where I can contribute my expertise.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,


  1. Apply with Online Job Boards

There are many online job boards you can use to find a job that suits your competencies.

These online job boards function like an exchange or a market place where service providers, job seekers can find a client or company that would need their skills or competencies.

Many entities use these online job boards; from companies, recruiters and head hunters regularly peruse these websites to find suitable candidates for their job openings.

Among the top online job boards are:

Some of these online job boards have very tedious processes for creating an online profile. But just like your resume, the online profile is an important component in landing that dream job. Take some time to craft your online profile and make sure it is aligned with your resume.

  1. Connect with Your Alumni

Some of the most trusted and dependable people you will ever meet in your life are those whom you went to school with.

There’s just something about growing up and experiencing life together. It creates a camaraderie, brotherhood or sisterhood that makes everyone depend on one another.

Do not be surprised if many from your alumni have gone on to build highly successful careers. Make it a point to attend homecomings or class reunions. These provide a wonderful venue to re-connect and find out if your alumni can pull strings for you.

They can either refer you to their recruitment head, connect you directly to a contact whose business requires your expertise or hire you on a per-project basis.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to network for connections, promote products and services, share ideas, find jobs and career opportunities.

Facebook is by far, the most popular social media network with 1.54 Billion members. If you want to know significant the number is; it accounts for nearly half of the population who go online every day.  

But the most effective social media platform for networking, landing contracts and finding jobs is LinkedIn. Even though it only has a fifth of the size of Facebook, it is the preferred social media platform of professionals. 93% of recruiters require applicants to include their LinkedIn address in their resume.

Your LinkedIn profile must be updated and it would be a good idea to stay active on the site. Join focus groups and engage in discussions regularly. LinkedIn has a feature that allows its members to blog within their community. These activities will keep your online presence visible and give you opportunities to highlight your expertise.

When you are trying to connect with a prospective recruiter or employer, follow the same approach in #1 “Utilize Your Network” by sending a message that is informal, light and unpretentious.

Here are other tips you can use when connecting through LinkedIn:

  • Customize your message; do not use the default settings of LinkedIn.
  • Research on the contact; learn about his or her industry and take note of recent developments. Dedicate one line of this project in your message.
  • Keep it short; don’t be a hard sell act.
  1. Contact Job Recruiters or Head Hunters

Other avenues you can consider are the job recruiters and head hunters. Companies outsource recruitment to agencies for a few reasons.

First, it is not their core competence. Second, outsourcing services saves them money. Third, companies do not have the time to effectively run recruitment services.

The difference between a regular job recruiter and a head hunter is that a head hunter focuses on the executive level and those with specialized skills such as bilingual managers.

These recruiters and head hunters have a huge network of clients looking for talent. You have a good chance of landing a job through these agencies but it may take awhile.

Landing a job may still be difficult even though digital technology and the Internet have taken away most of the leg work.

But if you are strategic, creative and take the time to package your value proposition to potential employers, you may not have to wait long.

Author bio: Felix works with Artisantalent, a company that helps talented people find the perfect job.