6 Reasons Why Your Resume Not Selected for Interview Call

resumeWhen applying for a job, whichever company you enter the first thing you have to first hand over or email your resume which elaborates what kind of education and professional skills you have dealt with in your life. You may get rejected by a lot of big companies which hire those individuals which have the capability to face multiple challenges at a time. Not only these inter personal skills which these individuals possess are important but the resume also counts at a huge level. One big reason behind the rejection is the bad resume. Here are some major reasons which can walk you through the exit right away if they are not perfect.

  1. It should be different from every other resume:

Your resume should contain such extraordinary skill levels which should also be true describing how unique you are from other individuals. Every company receives thousands of resumes every day but in order to make your resume the center of attraction to the authorities who conduct the interviews, you should work hard to turn the resume their way.

  1. Some records should be stated instead of your department work details:

Your resume will look much thicker and brighter if it represents your major achievements like some kind of distinction or certificate of appreciation you received in your higher education or any other company.

  1. Add bullet points and not only stacks of paragraphs:

In order to make your resume look extremely different from other resumes you should insert some bullet points which explain your managerial skills or your temporal skills. These bullet point explanations are totally up to an individual what sort of information he/she can add in those points. Listing should also be included which makes the resume automatically unique.

  1. Your resume should be separately treated between your work experience and education:

What you studied during your graduation or high school and then what personal work experience you witnessed related to your field should have a border line between them. Because talking only about your education will reduce the employer’s attention towards your resume and it may head towards ‘rejected’ pile.

  1. Specify proper time employed at any other firm or company:

Some times when you are designing your resume and add company description in which you previously were employed and suddenly you forget to add the duration from where you started and where you ended, this can become another reason why your resume is not considered to further concerned departments. Mention the accurate date of the month in order to save yourself from any misunderstanding.

  1. No self-patronizing should be followed:

While preparing your resume you should always keep in mind that this piece of paper should only reflect your skills and behavioral tactics and not your personal qualities. This can also become a reason to be your resume thrown away in the bin.

Author Bio: Mark White is an academic consultant who provides career advice and assignment help for students online. He loves to write about education, careers and writing academic papers.