A Guide to Java Certification Courses and career in Java

JAVA-careersJava is a career-oriented computer programming language, which is highly recognized in the IT industry. The career opportunities increase manifold for students pursuing a course in Java. The following article throws light on Java certification courses, career options for Java learners and other things that every aspiring Java learner should know.

Java certification courses are assets for students willing to find a lucrative career path in IT field. It is an advanced computer programming language and includes several Sun Certification courses. Let’s take a look at the key areas to understand the scope, career opportunities and certification courses offered in Java.

Java- A Brief Introduction

With time, Java as a programming language has also become a user-friendly language apart from being platform-friendly. The popularity of Java can be witnessed by the fact that during the year 2012, it was successfully applicable on more than 3 billion devices such as mobile phones, space shuttles, and automobiles across the globe. The rising popularity and usage of Java also attracted many programmers to choose this programming language as their specialized coding language.

Now, Java is known as one of the most sought after computer programming languages, which has its application in both medium and small sized software developments.

Career Advances for Java Learners

The different classifications and certification courses of Java makes it a single language with a wide combination of numerous programming languages under one platform. As a result, Java certification courses offer excellent career options in the field of programming and software development.

Java Courses & Certifications

For engineering studies in information technology (IT) and computers, Java is a major subject for students. Java courses include a major focus on offering an implementation and basic idea of the respective language.

There are several specialized Java certifications, diploma and short-term certification programs available. Let’s take a look at them:


Taken over by Oracle, Java certifications are currently offered by it. These certifications are arranged in a particular order as per their expertise. The different Java certification levels can be qualified by students by taking a certification exam. The different levels of its certifications include:

  • Oracle Certified Associate: Also known as OCA, it is the first level of Java certification. OCA indicates an understanding of the basics of Java programming language.
  • Oracle Certified Professional: OCP is the second level of certifications, which indicates a benchmark in Java programming.
  • Oracle Certified Master: This third level of certification indicates that the holder of OCM is an experienced and skilled Java programmer.
  • Oracle certified Expert: OCE is the top level of Java certification program that indicates an expertise in Java programming language.


Those interested in building a career in computers and IT field can find several diploma courses in Java. The duration of these diploma courses can vary from three months to twelve months, which is based on the part-time or full-time course. Some of the popular diploma courses in Java include:

Diploma by CDAC-The Centre for Development of Advance Computing (CDAC) offers diploma course in Java, which is opted by numerous students to pursue a career in Java programming.

Diploma by GNIIT- GNIT’s diploma course in Java programming is based on expertise level of course.

Diploma by APTECHThe foundation diploma courses by APTECH are designed for first or second year of engineering students. Another six month diploma course by the institute educates the students in the latest version of Sun Java technology.

Apart from diploma and certifications, several short-term certification programs in Java are also available such as Java 2 Mobile Edition(J2ME), Core Java (J2SE), and Java 2 Enterprise Edition(J2EE).

So, learn Java and be an in-demand professional in the top IT companies across the globe!

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