An In-Depth Look on how to Start Your New Career with an Recruitment Agency?

recruitment-agencyJob hunting can be such an overwhelming activity especially when a competitive labor market is involved. However, you should not lose hope even if all your chances of getting a good job appear to be diminishing. There is one very effective option you have not exhausted; Recruitment agencies. These are very vital resources which many people tend to overlook because they always have a notion that they can go along the whole process of job hunting without a helping hand. A recruitment agency acts as link between you and your potential employer and provides an easy way to sail through when searching for a dream job. It is also important to know that most employers entirely depend on recruitment agencies to provide them with suitable candidates for their job openings.

They Prepare You Adequately: As your headhunter, a recruitment agency will thoroughly prepare you in all ways to ensure that you are completely fit for your new career. This involves providing you with insights about your career field and the different opportunities you may be interested in exploring. If there are some skills you need to have or improve on, they will help you work on them and when an opportunity comes, they will be there to ensure that you are in the correct salary range for that position.

Your recruiter will also prepare you ahead of your time for interviews. In most cases, this recruiter has previously had an opportunity to work with the specific manager for your interview. They fully understand what they expect from their candidates.

You Get An Individual Attention: When searching for a job by browsing over the Internet to get the unfilled vacancies, the positions you get have also been seen by other hundreds of candidates. Even if you are the best candidate, it may be hard for the employer to even access your applications. When dealing with a recruitment agency, you get an individual attention and connecting with your potential employers becomes easier. They place you in a more elite grouping from where you can quickly stand out. As your headhunter, they can even influence the hiring manager to place your resume on the top increasing your chance of securing that particular job.

Easy Access to Unpublished Openings: Some companies do not publish or advertise for their job openings through media. This usually happens when the openings need to be filled by highly skilled candidates. Through your recruitment agency, you will always have an access to these exclusive openings. This is because high-profile companies work hand in hand with recruiters to ensure that the company receives applications for their positions only from qualified candidates.

Confidentiality: If you are searching for a new career while still holding your old one, you obviously don’t want your current employer to know about it. It will be so hard to keep this secret since your employer will know the moment you start posting your resume all over the Internet. Working with a headhunter is the best option in this case since your job search will be kept confidential until the right moment when you will be able to put in your notice.

Author Bio:  Jenny Ho is with International Workplace Consulting Pte. Ltd., Singapore. A very experienced and well-connected search consultant who has been in the oil, gas and chemical recruiter business for more than 20 years, Jenny has assisted numerous MNC companies (especially those in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas areas) to hire good candidates.