Anaplan Rakes in $100M In Series D Funding And Announces Anaplan Hub

anaplan-careersIt’s a busy week for Anaplan: They open their user conference later today, announced $100M in new funding and introduced Anaplan Hub, a marketplace where customers can share and find pre-designed planning models ready to adapt and use.

Company president and CEO, Frederic Laluyaux said you could think of the Hub like an app store for planners, but instead of containing apps or music and movies, The Hub contains pre-defined plans that enable Anaplan users to hit the ground running.

Laluyaux offers this example of how a customer could use the Anaplan Hub: “Your boss asks you to build a work force planing model from scratch. You go, search for a plan, like searching for music [iTunes or Google Play], look at reviews and previews, download  a plan and be up and running immediately.”

What’s more, he said because these plans tend to be complex, you will be able to review a model map to understand quickly how it works. (TechCrunch)

At Anaplan:

We are reinventing the foundation
of business planning and execution

Careers at Anaplan : Why Join AnaPlan?

At Anaplan we believe in hard work, having fun and bringing excellence to everything we do. When you walk through our doors, you feel it. You hear the buzz, you see the focus and excitement. Anaplan has reinvented the foundation of enterprise modeling and planning so that companies can move fast—continuously aligning to market opportunities. Pretty cool stuff. So if this sounds good to you, get in touch. We are growing FAST and need to hire the BEST!

Anaplan is headquartered in San Francisco with offices around the globe. Check out our locations page for all our offices. We have extraordinary funding partners: Granite Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Meritech Capital Partners, and

Anaplan cares about our community, our talent and our customers. To that end, we do not solicit talent from our direct partners or customers. If you work for one of our customers or partners and want to explore a career with us, we ask for full transparency with your employer. This ensures that we do not damage our trusted partnerships and upholds one of our core values – integrity.(Anaplan)

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