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bbc-careerThe BBC offers a huge variety of jobs and types of career. The BBC is split into different divisions, each responsible for a different aspect of the business.

To help you find the right division for you, we’ve split them into the different types of work.
Career development
We employ over 20,000 staff, working everywhere from content production and news gathering to new media, business support and our five orchestras. Because of the number of roles we offer, and the fact that we encourage people to move across divisions and genres, there’s huge potential to grow and develop.

We offer world-class opportunities to learn and develop inside the BBC. The BBC Training & Development Academy offers outstanding training in all areas of broadcasting – so good in fact that it also trains the wider industry.

We care about our people, and take our responsibilities towards them very seriously. As well as fair terms and conditions, we also offer really impressive benefits.

Content Making: Dedicated to creating world-class content for TV, radio and online audiences in the UK and abroad Journalism: On air, online or in print, BBC journalism covers all aspects of local, national and international news News Media & Technology: From innovating and creating our online and Red Button services to managing our digital archives Business and Support: The people behind the content – in areas including HR, finance, audience research and business operations Commercial Ventures: From BBC Worldwide commercial sales and production activities to our post production and studio services
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