Career and Internship at Facebook

InternsFacebook was named the no. 1 best company to work for by Glassdoor’s 5th Annual Employees’ Choice Awards. Sound familiar? It should, it’s the second year in a row. A few common trends combined this year’s award winners. Things like a strong company culture, opportunities for advancement, and a clear understanding of the company’s direction and priorities.

An award like this doesn’t happen by accident. Facebook has worked hard at creating a positive culture and actively seeking out the best of the best. That’s where this new breed of intern comes in, and they’re rarely getting the coffee. In fact, the interns at Facebook consistently pay the highest in the country, often starting programming interns at over $70k.

Companies like Facebook hit the ground running. They are a steadily growing, fast-paced company that needs intelligent and adaptable employees. These recruits aren’t a dime a dozen and Facebook knows and appreciates that.

Lori Goler, Facebook’s VP of people and recruiting, said, “We strive to make Facebook a place where everyone is able to have an impact doing what they love. Receiving this award is a testament to the culture of builders we’ve worked hard to create.” It’s a beautiful thing when employer and employee know their worth. And what exactly is their worth?
The average software engineer intern at Facebook makes about $5,600 a month, that’s a whopping $67,000 a year! With the national average of employees at approximately $43,000, these interns are making far more than the average American worker. And it’s not all about the pay, Facebook employees enjoy great perks like daycare, paid vacations, and bonuses for new parents. So when did interns start making so much? (Source: CLICK Here for Facebook Career and Internships

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