CDG is a leading Career support charity

cdg-careerCareers Development Group (CDG) is a leading back to work charity with more than 30 years’ experience of helping people find and stay in work.

The team supported more than 26,000 people in 2012 from centres across London, the South East, delivering a wide range of back-to-work initiatives including the Work Programme and Work Choice.

CDG already has a number of delivery partners and is always keen on meeting with new partners to explore potential further development.

Add value to tenders by offering mainstream support through our centres and through our employer engagement staff, which have excellent working relationships with employers across the country.

Karly Mardlin was “out of my comfort zone” at CDG at first, but put aside her frustration to find work in her chosen field.

“I had been unemployed for 17 months and didn’t look for work for the first few months because I had little energy and was relying on my partner for everything. But then money started getting hard, which motivated me to start looking for work. I had never been unemployed before I was made redundant.”

Job Seekers at CDG

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