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cognizantCognizant is a company of diverse, talented people with a passion for pursuing excellence in all that they do.

To deliver the greatest results for our clients—and our stakeholders—we remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of business and technology trends.

Our values are grounded in strong ethics, transparency and openness. Clients trust us, and we generally form long—lasting relationships that make us integral contributors to their organizations. In fact, 90+% of our clients return to us when they begin new initiatives.
Rapid technology evolution continues to unleash dramatic change across the marketplace. Data democratization, emergence of new content formats and a plethora of devices means industry players must embrace innovative new operating models and IT platforms that move beyond cost-cutting and enhance business performance.

Recent Highlights

  • Harvard Business Review rates Cognizant among its ten “outliers” for sustained growth
  • Forbes India: Francisco D’Souza is reinventing Cognizant, the role of the CEO, and the
  • Big Data’s impact on the data supply chain.
  • Prepping for the new age of information services, media and entertainment

Advance your career at one of the fastest-growing IT, business process outsourcing, and consulting companies in the world.

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