Cyber Law as a New Career Avenue

cyber-lawThe next generation career is an expert in Cyber Law. With the increased use of internet, the cyber crime is also taking a giant shape. We have been listening about Cyber Law for quite long, but the picture was not very clear on the aspect of formulation of Law and implementation and policing of law.

With the increase in cyber crime and threat from cyber terrorism, many government and private organizations have started giving serious thoughts on creating and manning separate cell to control unwanted activities and book the culprits under cyber laws.

One of the most sought after career opportunity in coming years would be for professionals and practitioners of Cyber Laws. Cyber Law is a specialized field which deals directly with all kinds of Information Technology related crimes. Crimes particularly related to Internet frauds such as On line Banking frauds, Lottery frauds and all kinds of financial frauds on the net. Such financial frauds are of grave concern and criminal proceedings are laid down under the IT act 2005. Minor crimes such as misuse of emails, phishing, spoofing, hacking etc. are punishable differently under the act.

All the crimes originated through internet are regarded as unethical and comes under the purview of Cyber Crime. Tracking a cyber criminal would be one of the major responsibility of professionals and Cyber Experts. Some of the functionalities of such experts would be to track authors of ‘Malicious Code” , Tracking Terrorists with the help of coding and decoding methods of sending mails , which are not in textual format (Most of the Terrorist Organizations use Images and videos embedded with crucial information.

Coverage Area
Cyber Law is a very big field in itself. Copy Rights, Trade Marks, Domain Names, Intellectual Property Right, Defamation, Cyber Porn, Privacy, Plagiarism, Software usage and Licensing, Open Source Licensing Interpretations, Software Piracy and anything which comes under Hardware, Software and Firmware are covered under this law.
Legal aspect of the Cyber Laws protects Entrepreneurs, System Administrators, Business houses and individuals. The Law also extends to Privacy, Freedom of Expression and Jurisdiction.

Where to look for Jobs
Experts can join as Cyber Lawyer, Cyber Consultant, Internet Research Assistant, Law Advisor, Internet / Intranet Security Specialist, Auditors, Trainers, Network Administrators, Research Managers, Legal Executive, Cyber Law Attorney, Law Consultant, Law Officer, Legal Support, Legal Secretary, Cyber Forensic Expert, Cyber Criminologist, Cyber Security Officer in both private as well as government organizations.

Graduation from any stream or LLB (Law graduate from a recognized university). Though cyber is generally taken as an IT technical course but its base is Law and law related subjects are taught during the course.

Earnings can depend on the experience and exposure of individuals. Law firms and corporate sector can offer a package of more than 40 – 50 thousand per month which may be raised beyond 1 lakh per month.

Skill set
Cyber Experts support companies or law enforcing agencies in their investigations by collecting “Digital and Trailing Evidence”, which is used for data and record analysis. The location of these trails and evidences can be from local hard disk and removable storages, such as Optical Media or Pen Drive to anywhere on the Internet. The files can be in any language or types such as images, videos, password protected files and encrypted or compressed files. Hence the experts are required to have in depth knowledge of all kinds of Software, Hardware and IT related technology which covers mobile technology with the advent of Blackberry, Android and I- phones including smart phones. The experts must also possess sufficient knowledge in writing codes and encrypting / decrypting source codes.

Institutes and Courses.
Nalsar University of Law: PG Diploma in Cyber Law
ILI, New Delhi: PG Diploma in Cyber Law
Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune: Diploma in Cyber Law
Symbiosis Law College, Pune: Diploma in Cyber Law
Amity Law School, Delhi:
Indian Law School, Pune:
Cyber Law College, Bangaluru:

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