Exciting Jobs in the Fastest-Growing Industries

ID-10046936_author_AmbroIn difficult financial times, the job market can be a less than welcoming place for first-time and experienced job seekers alike. It is at moments like these that it is worth identifying the fastest-growing and most successful industries where to look for a job. After all, growth leads to expansion and from expansion arises the need for greater levels of employment. The fastest-growing industries today broadly fall into three categories: those related to technological developments, those concerned with health and well being, and those focused on environmental protection. Although an individual company may fare better or worse than another, these sectors in general have been experiencing and will continue to experience growth for the foreseeable future.

 Technological change

 Whether in the field of science, medicine, computing, finance, entertainment or transport, industries driven by technological advancement are experiencing growth, and thus a greater need for employees. As the Internet has become a predominant global force, e-commerce has become an undeniable fact of life. One particular sector set to continue its rapid growth is the online eyeglasses and contact lenses industry, which has benefitted from technological progress to offer clients an excellent consumer experience. Jobs related to website development and search engine optimization are therefore easy to come by in such fields.

 Another industry to reap the benefits of the ever-expanding online world is the online gaming business, particularly within social networking sites. As free games become a mainstay of many social networkers’ virtual lives and advertisers cotton on to the potential exposure generated by such games, software developers and computer programmers are in high demand.

Even the job search itself shows how important Internet has become. You can find vacancies on company websites or recruitment websites, you can also check job offers published on websites with free classified ads, and apply online sending your cv directly by e-mail or a job platform.

Health and wellbeing

 As evidence continues to demonstrate the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and a lack of exercise on our health, there has been a shift in consumer behavior towards industries that promote a healthy lifestyle. Growth in new forms of exercise, from pilates and yoga to zumba and spinning, has meant that the demand for instructors, nutritionists and sports therapists has increased dramatically.

Similarly, sales in healthy alternatives to previously popular but harmful treatments such as sunbeds have also increased as consumers attempt to take better care of their bodies. Indeed, sales representatives within industries like the self-tanning business will find themselves within a fast-moving and dynamic industry.

 Environmental protection

 Many industries are moving towards more eco-friendly processes and practices, under pressure from consumers and governments to take responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability. As a result, industries involved in the manufacturing of solar panels are experiencing high levels of growth. What’s more, with so many phases to their production, from design and manufacturing to operation and installation, engineers and technicians are required at all points in the chain of production.

Similarly, in a move to create more sustainable building projects across the world, the increase in demand for sustainable engineering and construction has been significant. As ‘going green’ has become increasingly popular and governments create incentives for greener building solutions, the call for professional engineers, ‘green’ construction companies, architects and project managers will continue to be heard.

When on job search, it is extremely important to pay attention to every single information the market and industries give you. For concrete information on the last years fastest growing Indian companies, click here. While the list above is by no means exhaustive, it provides some idea as to the areas in which industry growth is proving most rapid. Whether focused on technology, health, or the environment, a career in any of these fields would prove both fast-paced and dynamic.