Financial sector requires half million semi-skilled and skilled workforce

finance-sectorIndian financial sector requires half a million semi-skilled and skilled workforce and students have to shoulder and take up the challenge to make it possible, a top official of National Stock Exchange of India said today.

The sector in the country was not only liberalised but also compete and was on par with global countrerparts and the challenge before India lies in perseverance and pressure to become world leaders and make India the investment destination for the World, Sunita Anand, Lead-SBU (Strategic Business Unit) Education and Head Administration (South), NSE, said here.

This would be possible when more and more students embrace and succeed in their career in financial sector, like research analyst, investiment banking, investment strategist, wealth manager, independent financial advisors, brokers and business analysts, she said, after inaugurating a Trading Lab at PSG Institute of Management (PSGIM). (Source:ET)
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