Flexible working hours and locations reduce stress

work-stress-homejobsReduce workplace stress by allowing employees to work from Home. India ranks fifth position in the workplace stress level according to ‘Regus’ study. According to ‘Regus’ an international provider of workplace solutions, the Chinese are the most stressed out workers in the world. ‘Regus’ numbers (see chart) say that 75 percent of chines workers polled say they are more stressed today than they were a year ago. There is anecdotal evidence for this too; workers at Foxconn, Apple’s China supplier, have been rioting over issues related to pay and working conditions.
Earlier studies have shown that stress can be hugely damaging to the organization. It does not have to express itself in riots, which may well be safety valve as it helps let off some steam. Stress leads to people falling ill. Productivity drops. Office starts looking like congregation of the walking wounded. Persons who are otherwise efficient just turn off.
There are companies and theoreticians who believe that a certain amount of stress is useful in the work place. It keeps people on their toes. That may well be true, if there is no pressure only the self motivated perform. But there is no golden rule to say how much stress is beneficial. At times like this, it is the responsibility of the organization to try and cut stress level.
‘Regus’ comes to the conclusion that there is one solution to reduce stress – allow flexible working hours and locations. Allowing employees to choose when and why they work is regarded by respondents as a way of helping them balance the stress of work with family commitments and of ensuring that it is possible to recharge their batteries, spending time with their loved ones and fighting burnout. Caution: External Links are not promoted. Users are required to make sufficient inquiry before taking any financial step.

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