Gearing up for a journalism juggernaut

Pierre-Omidyar-JournalismOmidyar wants to launch a news organization that is not narrowly focused on, say, investigative reporting, though it will do plenty of that. Instead, he envisions a wide-ranging powerhouse that will cover an array of subjects and attract a broad swath of readers. The idea is to create a mass audience that will magnify the impact of the hard-hitting stories the site aims to produce.

It’s early times for the enterprise, whose existence leaked prematurely. Many details remain to be worked out. But last week marked an important milestone when the nascent news outlet, temporarily known as NewCo, signed up Eric Bates, a former executive editor of Rolling Stone. Bates, says Omidyar, “will be instrumental in helping us define our editorial strategy for a general-interest audience, as well as the editing infrastructure we will need to support our independent journalists.”

In other words, help figure out what NewCo is going to do and how it is going to do it.

Bates, who was laid off by Rolling Stone in January after 10 years at the magazine, is clearly psyched about his new mission. Who wouldn’t be? (Source: Rem Rieder, USA TODAY)

We are passionate about empowering individuals.

Our backgrounds are in technology and science. We are parents, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, citizens, thinkers, doers and philanthropists. We wear all of these hats at different times, and many simultaneously.

We believe that people are essentially good—people can be trusted, and generally have good intentions. This was a key belief in the creation of eBay in 1995, and has remained an integral part of our lives ever since.

We are committed to using our time, energy, and resources for the public good; it’s our passion, and a challenge as great and rewarding as any we’ve experienced. We focus on the efforts we believe in most, and the places where we have distinctive contributions to offer. By cultivating the inherent capabilities that exist within each individual, we hope to have a positive impact on people and communities, promote human dignity, and alleviate suffering.

We believe in the power of people. In their creativity. In their ability to take action and bring about extraordinary change. In their desire to do good for themselves and one another. That belief in humanity is what drives us and unites all of our efforts.

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