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headhonchosMUMBAI: In 2012, employers looked most for professionals in IT/software services, FMCG industries and BPO/ITES, followed by real estate and pharmaceuticals/life sciences to fill mid/senior positions, HeadHonchos.com, job search and career management portal “An ABC Consultant initiative” exclusively for senior professionals said today.

The data released is based on the searches conducted by employers on the portal during the last one year.

This data indicates that IT/software services and pharmaceuticals/life sciences could potentially drive hiring growth in 2013. Pharma has emerged as power employer, replacing industries like telecom, which saw significant hiring in the previous year. The construction/real estate industry, despite slower growth continues to see hiring given the infrastructure thrust in the country.

FDI in retail along with providing an impetus to senior hiring in retail is also expected to provide a boost to the real estate industry. Banking and finance is expected to spur employment on the back of the banking reforms bill.

Infotech professionals continue to be much in demand with IT emerging as the top functional area that employers are hiring for. IT professionals are being recruited not just directly for the IT/software industry but also in support roles in a gamut of other industries, Sales and business development and HR professionals, too, were highly sought after in the year gone by.

At the senior level, employers have been most on the look-out for candidates for the roles of Chief Finance Officer, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, while at the mid-management level, candidates for managerial positions in project management and sales are much in demand. The search for CEOs is a positive sign, indicating that growth could be round the corner in 2013.

Candidates based out of Bangalore are most in demand as per the data, followed by those in the cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and NCR, Chennai and Pune. While the demand for candidates in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi/NCR expectedly holds strong, there has been slower hiring activity in Chennai as compared to the previous year.

Uday Sodhi, CEO, HeadHonchos.com said in a release: “Middle and senior management hiring in the year 2012 was reflective of the less than optimistic business/economic performance. Our discussions for 2013, with employers across industries indicate a revival of hiring for mid-senior management positions, signalling progressive business intent.

However, considering the critical juncture of the business and economic ecosystem it will be important for both employers and senior job seekers to empower themselves with the ability to react quickly, in line with emerging developments in the job market.” (Source:ET) Apply though Head Honchos

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