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Infosys-careerFind out what makes Infosys unique and get to know how they approach tbusiness. Get a sneak peek into what it takes to be an Infoscion while you discover exciting opportunities that could be yours.

FORTUNE MAGAZINE says that it is easier to get into Harvard than it is into Infosys. So what does it take to become a part of a US$ 4.8 billion company? In one word: consistency. There are two ways of getting a foothold in Infosys. One is the traditional way through campus hiring. The second is off campus recruitment which takes place on a need basis.

The company conducts off campus selection from time to time depending on business needs. While campus hiring is focused on a particular set of colleges, the off campus hiring process enables students across the country to seek an opportunity with Infosys. This helps Infosys to spread the hiring net farther into small towns to take students from colleges that otherwise do not feature on the campus-visiting list.


Infosys partners with colleges, many of them in small towns and far flung areas which may not be visited for campus placements, and implements specific development programmes such as Campus Connect to ensure sustained development of student quality over a period of time. To Apply in Infosys click here

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