Internet / IT Security Careers

Internet-securityAs people rely on technology more and more for things like banking and shopping, more attention must be paid to how online sites that offer those services are kept secure. Theft identity is a serious problem on the internet; if a consumer’s personal information falls to the wrong person, the results could include unauthorized purchases or ruined credit. The internet / IT security industry is a quickly growing job sector, requiring new graduates with training in information technology and online security. These positions are well-paid, as companies begin to realize the money that can be lost through online fraud or theft. Internet / IT security covers a broad range of career options including website encryption, personal information protection and intellectual property litigation.

Here are a few examples of careers in internet security:

Internet Security Analyst – Professionals working in this career should have a firm grasp of contemporary internet security measures. Companies will employ internet security analysts to implement firewalls, webpage encryption and various other forms of internet security. A background in IT, computer forensics and internet security will be helpful in this career.
Internet Security Consultant – Smaller companies who may not have the resources to employ a full time internet security analyst may seek out consultants to evaluate and adjust current internet security practices. These professionals must usually acquire significant professional experience before consulting, but can expect a high salary outlook when they make the switch.
Software Engineer – The internet security industry needs talented software engineers to design and implement security programs. These engineers must understand hacking and phishing techniques in order to effectively guard against these malicious internet threats.
Network Security Specialist– This career involves a specialization in network security. individuals entering this field should be familiar with IT, internet security and network administration. To find more about Internet Security Jobs CLICK HERE

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