John McAfee: Addict, coder, runaway and more..

mcafee-careersWho is the real John McAfee? He’s the man who went on the run after his neighbour was found dead, face-up, with a bullet in his head. He’s the man who jump-started the multibillion-dollar anti-virus industry. And now he thinks he can make you invisible on the internet.

Within tech circles he’s long been a legend. But for most people, McAfee came to prominence last year when he fled his Central American home – teeth stained, hair dyed, in disguise – rather than let himself be questioned by authorities he accused of being corrupt.

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He tells the BBC he had “no connection whatsoever” with his neighbour’s death. Police say he remains a “person of interest”.

Back in the US, after posting footage of young female “friends” stroking his naked tattooed torso, he now plans to neutralise the NSA’s cyber-surveillance system.

It might suggest a crazed, perhaps even deranged, personality. One journalist who has interviewed McAfee many times described him a “master manipulator” who lies and deceives.

Despite his Southern accent, the bleached-blond and goateed businessman is in fact half-British – the son of an Englishwoman who met an American soldier stationed in the UK during World War II. (Source:BBC)

McAfee says he has never used anti-virus software

Belize and corruption

The BBC put Mr McAfee’s claims of corruption to the Belize government, which is currently embroiled in a scandal involving the issue of a passport to a South Korean man who had never visited the country.

It sent this reply:

Belize has made great strides in improving transparency and ethical behaviour across all government departments.

Where any sniff of corruption and evidence of such has been proven, the prime minister and the government have moved swiftly to stamp it out.

This has most recently been demonstrated by the sacking of the junior minister of immigration.

The US government and the Commonwealth have been instrumental in supporting Belize in addressing governance issues as we work to reduce even the appearance of fraud and corruption.

Corruption is a cancer that Belize will continue to correct – it has no place in government or in any public office and we do not and will not tolerate it.

The past is the past and this Belize government cannot change the behaviour of previous administrations or officials, but the prime minister has vowed to root out corruption wherever and whenever it occurs.

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