Kyndal’s Pushpanjali Banerji: A woman in the liquor industry

Pushpanjalai-Banerjee-Kyndal-GroupThe father-daughter team of Kyndal India Pvt Ltd is on the upswing. Siddharth Banerji, Managing Director and his daughter Pushpanjali Banerji have upped the ante by bringing Bootz Authentic Dutch grape brandy in Indian southern market under a joint venture between Amsterdam based Lucas Bols BV and Kyndal.

Bootz is being made available to consumers through select outlets in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This will be followed by a pan India launch in the coming years.

Kyndal is an importer, manufacturer and distributor of premium spirits that cover the domestic and duty-free markets of the sub-continent and West Asia, and has been credited for launching and building successful brands such as Absolut Vodka, Remy Martin Cognac and Jim Beam, amongst others, in the Indian subcontinent and Middle East. The company is now known as one of the leading spirits company with a high-end luxury brand portfolio such as BOLS brandy, BOLS Premier XO Excellence, Bootz Authentic Dutch grape brandy, Bowmore Islay single malt whisky, McClelland’s single malt etc.

Talking about Kyndal’s expanding portfolio, Siddharth said, “We are the only brandy company which has its own brandy. Therefore, there was style in our brand while other brands look all similar with no style. Why there is no style? Because they don’t own the brandy.”
Creating own style as they grow.

Siddharth said that his biggest challenge was to create a proprietary style of his product as Kyndal does not launch products from third party brands. “We are not assemblers of brands. The focus is on creating a proprietary quality, which is not duplicatabale. However, it takes time for consumers to accept that quality.”

Bootz brandy, bottled in India comes from 400 years old Dutch distillery, for which blenders have got the recipes down from generations.

All brands that Kyndal makes are premium, costing above Rs 550 and its products are surely facing a tough competition as recently 13 companies including Radico Khaitan have come out with their brandies. “For us, competition is a state of mind. We have a lot of competition and they are all pretty credible competitors, but we’ve been satisfied with our volumes. In a growing environment everybody will be running the race, so it depends on how much growth percentage they can cover up.” (Source:

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