Microsoft BizSpark helps young Entrepreneur

bizspark-enterpreneurMicrosoft BizSpark: Helping startups succeed with all the right resources. the Software, Support, & Visibility. Microsoft® BizSpark® is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, and providing marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure, a flexible, comprehensive, and powerful cloud platform for the creation of web applications and services. In addition, BizSpark offers technical support, business training and a network of over 2,000 partners to connect members with incubators, investors, advisors, government agencies and hosters. Since it was established in 2008, more than 45,000 companies in over 100 countries have joined BizSpark.

Microsoft BizSpark membership includes a Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN Subscription which offers a wide range of products for development, testing, and production. Products include:

BizSpark membership includes Windows 7 and other versions of the operating system for deployment and/or testing.

Microsoft® BizSpark® One: The Best of BizSpark
BizSpark One is the premium tier of the BizSpark program. Companies with BizSpark One status deliver applications and services that have gained market traction based on Microsoft’s technology platforms. Companies in BizSpark One demonstrate a strong potential to succeed, shape the industry’s future and enhance the overall value of Microsoft products and services for end users. Microsoft offers a portfolio of benefits to companies that have achieved BizSpark One status, including marketing, technical, and business resources to accelerate their growth. Click Here to know more about BizSpark

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