Miles to go before they Bounce: Wimbledon Tennis Ball Production

SlazengerMaking of a Tennis ball for Wimbledon matches covers 80,483.26 km from production to the Grass Court.
The Balls used at Wimbledon use raw material and expertise from 11 countries across four continents and travel more than 80,000 km. before they hit the grass.
Slazenger, the official ball supplier for Wimbledon since 1902, finds this production the most cost- effective way, says a Warwick Business School Research.
Some fact about the Ball manufacturing:
After Felt Weaving is done in UK it is sent to Malaysia where final production is done, Packaging happens in Indonesia but before it reaches the production center, following raw materials are procured:
Clay from USA, Rubber from Malaysia, Wool from New Zealand, Glue from Philippines, Magnesium Carbonate from Japan, Sulphur from South Korea, Naphthalene from China.

Brief History of Slazenger:

Slazenger was officially established in 1881, although its roots can be traced back to the early 1800’s. Slazenger has a sporting heritage that is second to none and are renowned for being at the forefront of sporting development and were involved in many of today’s most popular sports. Only 4 years after the All England Tennis and Croquet Club held its first ever championship, Slazenger produced the new game of lawn tennis for the general public complete in a box, Slazenger also introduced a similar set for croquet.

In 1902 Slazenger became the official sponsor and tennis ballsupplier to the Wimbledonchampionships and this remainsthe longest sponsorship in sporting history. In 1966 Slazenger helped England win the 1966 World Cup after being named the official ball supplier for the tournament. They produced a bright orange ball which was known as the challenge specifically for the tournament, the ball can now be viewed at the FA National Football Museum in Preston.
Alongside tennis, croquet and football, Slazenger have manufactured a diverse portfolio of clothing and equipment for:

Golf, cricket, badminton, table tennis, squash, racquet ball, hockey, archery, target shooting, bowls, sailing, motor racing, and for the military. There are many surprises within slazengers illustrious history, including before officially founding they were a military clothing specialists and that they were producers of military equipment such as rifles and bayonets for the government.

Slazenger is a truly great British brand whose foundations lie in pioneering and being at the forefront of sporting developments, enabling them to build a global reputation for quality and design.

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