Nasscom Foundation offers Internships

nasscom-vision-missionNasscom Facilitate Business Responsibility: Sustainability and inclusion remain the core ingredients of development for a developing country like India. With a high rate of economic growth paralleled with socio economic deprivation and exclusion with more than 302 million poor people, almost 46 per cent of the children below 3 years suffering from malnutrition, about 304 million illiterate persons, declining child sex ratio; development holds no meaning. In order to reap the benefits of economic growth, it needs to be inclusive.

Simultaneously, with the evolution of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility from check book philanthropy to triple bottom line to Responsible Business, much remains to be done to marry the twin ingredients with the way the industry understands and practices CSR. We call it Business Responsibility.
An inclusive and sustainable India, led by NASSCOM Foundation, leveraging the capacities and competencies of the ecosystem of the IT-BPM industry.

To mainstream responsible business, promote and develop social and environmental solutions, build capacities of individuals and organizations to achieve these, and influence policy making & create thought leadership, using the capacities and competencies of the ecosystem of the IT-BPM industry in India.

Nasscom requires Interns for Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore