NATGRID Vacancies – Ministry of Home Affairs

NATGRID-careerThe Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)discharges multifarious functions, important among them being the maintenance of Internal Security.Though in terms of Entries No. 1 and 2 of List II -‘State List’- in the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India, ‘public order’ and ‘police’ are the responsibilities of States, Article 355 of the Constitution enjoins the Union to protect every State against external aggression and internal disturbance and to ensure that the government of every State is carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. NATGRID is an Information Intelligence agency working directly under Ministry of Home Affairs, govt. of India.

NISG is hiring for NATGRID, an anti-terror information intelligence support organisation operating as an attached office of the MHA. NATGRID is directed to build robust technological capabilities that will significantly improve India’s anti-terror capabilities. At the core of NATGRID‘s technological capabilities will be its data-center which will be supported by state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and cutting edge applications.

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