Recruitment scam

FakeJob-PageBeware of hoax or fake job offers! Scammers are known to be contacting job-seekers and offering bogus employment opportunities that purport to come from various reputed global organization. We treat such abuses seriously and refer them to legal and enforcement agencies as appropriate.

What is a scam recruitment offer?
A scam recruitment offer is an attempt to obtain cash from victims by offering lucrative jobs that do not exist. Such scams are conducted via the internet using either fake company websites, or by sending unsolicited emails purporting to be from an organization of repute or from any fake company careers site. The communications request personal data and ultimately a request to forward cash on the pretext that this is to finalise the bogus employment opportunity.

What you should NOT do

  • DO NOT send money to further employment prospects. Vacancy Next never requests money for such purposes
  • DO NOT respond to unsolicited offers of employment from people you are unfamiliar with
  • DO NOT supply personal or financial data to persons you do not know
  • DO NOT continue to communicate in any way if you suspect the originator may be fraudulent

What you can do
If you receive unsolicited emails offering employment opportunities, you can find out the legitimacy of such offer by visiting the Company’s official site through our company career pages and ask the HR or career Help of the Company representative.

What is Vacancy Next
Vacancy Next is a Career and Job News portal and does not charge any money for providing jobs. However we may charge for specialised service such as Resume making for candidates, Resume blasting with Job sites and holding / short listing candidates for Employers.

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