Six reasons to join Schneider Electric Company

schneider-careersSchneider Electric help people and organisations make the most of their energy. As the global specialist in energy management, the company takes on the challenge of transforming the way people and organisations use energy.
Schneider Electric are the essential brick between energy production and energy usage.

Schneider Electric make electricity available for both individuals and organisations. We make it reliable and safe to use thanks to our wide range of electrical distribution and critical power and cooling solutions.

Reasons to join Schneider Electric

1 – Nurturing work environment
We promise you a varied career path that includes changing function and business unit.

75% of our employees express pride in working at Schneider Electric (2008 employee satisfaction survey)‏
Schneider Electric China named “2010 Top 50 Employer” (Staffer magazine and Mercer Consulting Group)

2 – Working abroad
Our internal mobility programme will give you the opportunity to work in one of our 102 worldwide locations.

980 employees of 52 nationalities lived and worked abroad in 2008
676 fresh graduates of 67 different nationalities have been assigned abroad through our international recruitment programme since 2001

3 – Leadership position
We are in a unique position to lead our world towards a place where people do more while using fewer of our planet’s resources.

No. 1 in energy efficiency
No. 1 in power and control safety
No. 1 in critical power and cooling reliability

4 – Promising future
We aim to play an enduring role on a market with strong potential. With us, your career has a future.

Our workforce, revenue (€24 billion in sales in 2012) and accessible markets have doubled since 2004
International Energy Agency forecasts $11.6 trillion investment in energy infrastructure from now until 2030

5 – Innovation
To tackle climate change, our world needs new thinking and fresh ideas. We are the right workplace for candidates who would like to pioneer new solutions and express their creativity.

4%-5% of revenue invested annually in R&D activities
7,300 R&D employees in 25 countries in 45 R&D centres worldwide
Product innovation award to Schneider Electric North America at Frost and Sullivan 2007 Awards

6 – Committed to community and planet
We engage in environmental monitoring and give back to local communities. Join us to help make a difference.

Over 90% of our manufacturing and logistics sites are certified ISO 14001 in environmental management
100% of our production sites have reduced their energy consumption per employee by 10%

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