Social network sites like Facebook, Twitter base for potential candidates

social-networking-jobsAmerican Express India has found a way to connect eyeball-to-eyeball with young talent, in a medium that GenNext knows only too well: the company has started putting up video job descriptions on YouTube. Employees talk about their role and take potential hires through the company’s work environment.

For IT companies like HCL Technologies, social network sites like Facebook are particularly useful for niche hiring in talent segments like SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, etc. Whereas Ingersoll Rand International uses social media to share information with passive candidates – those who have posted their resumes on social networks and left them there, so to speak – about new positions and give them insights into the company through posts of staff stories so that candidates are inspired to work with the company.

With millions of potential candidates connected to friends, colleagues and competitors through networking sites, companies in pursuit of this talent pool are now looking to have an edge over their competitors in the online jungle. They are coming up with innovative methods to leverage the digital medium to get a closer and more informal understanding of talent, besides selling their brands to Gen Y.

“Social media isn’t just a tool or a vehicle for attracting talent. It has evolved into a critical employee value proposition. Organisations with a well-evolved social media policy and presence will have an advantage in capturing the interest of Gen Y,” says Rohit Thakur, head human resources, Microsoft India. “We look at the pattern of the candidates’ updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to understand their interests and thereby find the best fits for our company,” adds Jayantika Dave, vice president – HR, Ingersoll Rand International.

From the organisation’s perspective, hiring from social networking sites makes sense at various levels. LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter provide them with a huge engagement rate and cost effectiveness, and help them look beyond a candidate’s business acumen to his or her personality and character. The added advantage with Facebook is that a company pays per click and cost is incurred only when someone shows interest in a job posting.(Source:ET)

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