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How many sites that claimed to be a legitimate paid survey site, asked you for money to sign up? One thing is sure to answer: Why should you pay for an “online survey site registration” that should pay you for your opinion?

Avoiding scams: First they will pay us for our opinion but then they ask you a fee for joining / registration? Let´s be logical, ok? If a company wants your opinion on a product, they will hire specialized market research companies that have a “panel”, a huge member list where they can forward some surveys about a product or service that the client company wants to make some research about using the opinions of the final consumer. The client company pays the market research company for the study, and the market research company pays you for the opinion.

Companies that hire this market research online sites, can be anything from FMCG companies, Oil companies, technology companies, food companies, any kind of company that have consumer products to offer. They need your opinion on certain products as a marketing strategy to sell those products to the public. With that research they can at least have some idea what the final consumer prefer in that product or service. This way the company can be sure to release a good product that everyone likes.

Authentic Survey Companies, will give you surveys, will never ask you any kind of fee to be a member and will never ask you for credit card details. So before you venture must ensure that you are not trapped in scam net.

There are many bad websites out there claiming that anyone can make hundreds of dollars every day, this of course, are scams that many people fell in because they do not know the necessary information.
Unfortunately it is hard to know if a survey site is legit or not. You will not get rich, but you can make a nice extra every month if you put some extra effort on it.

These are some of the top survey sites that pay and have a long history on the online market research. They do pay and rest assured they are legit. Registration in all of them is free. You will never be asked for any kind of payment.

Find the resources below:

Survey4Profit - US & Canada only!

Global Test Market
 – US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Hong Kong.

Valued Opinions - US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

Ipsos I-Say - US & Canada. (Great program for Afro-Americans, male panelists of all ages, mothers with babies regardless of age, and high income earners).

Palm Research - Worldwide

SpiderMetrix - Worldwide (best for Australia & New Zealand)

Top Ten Survey offering Companies

Surveysavvy – Surveysavvy is one of the oldest and best survey company to work with. The payment structure is always via check and usually sent within 3 or 4 weeks once the survey is done. They send you survey now and then depending upon your demographic location. You might not see surveys dropping in your inbox daily but once you have it is worth taking up.

Mysurvey – You will get surveys daily and the payment structure is based on points. Once you have 1000 point in your account you are eligible to fetch in 10$. You might face lot screeners, but you will not go without paid.

Brandinstitute – This is an interesting site that sends you survey on new and forthcoming products. Mostly these products are about medications and households goods. Once you complete your survey you would get your money in your PayPal account within 6 weeks. Each survey last for about 20 to 30 minutes and pay is around $5 – 20$. You will get lot of surveys each week and you have more chances to qualify!

Opinionoutpost – This is relatively a new market research company, but indeed good. The payment structure is via points – 1 point = 10 cents USD. Their survey could be of any kind and if you want to get more surveys then make sure you fill your profile. The frequency of surveys is about 3 to 4 a week. Do not forget to refer people to this site as each referral is worth 10 points that is $1.00!

Surveyspot – You will get lots and lots of surveys with Surveyspot. You would have to fill out few screeners before getting a paid survey. Many a times you will also get their products via UPS to test and survey is sent after a week. So you can use the product, fill in the surveys and get paid as well. Pay structure is via checks and pay is about $2.00 to $20.00 for each survey. Cash out is possible anytime with this company!

Esearch – Esearch is simple and neat company to work with. You will get about 2 to 5 surveys each week. And the payment structure is via PayPal. Each survey has some form of “incentive” involved. Most incentivize all respondents and some have drawings. In all instances the incentive is clearly spelled out in the survey invitation. These incentives range from $1 to $5.00 or more. Easy to work without any complications!

Harrispollonline – Harris Poll Online powered by Harris Interactive is a very interesting and active survey panel. Payment structure is via points and you make minimum of 30 points with each survey. Their surveys are not only diverse in nature, but will also lead you to another survey immediately if you qualify. The more survey you take the more you have chances to qualify for cash prizes ranging from $10 – $10,000!

TestSpin – You can make up to $15-$20 for a survey with TestSpin if you qualify. Survey invites are always with email notice and incentives are mostly cash. Although you get lots and lots of surveys it might be hard to qualify. Moreover they can also ask to fill up surveys strictly by males/females or a particular age group or ethnicity. Surveys usually take about two to four weeks to complete.

Mindfieldonline – This is another small but straightforward site to deal with. You get surveys about once a week. Payment structure is via PayPal and you must have $10.00 to ask for cash out. Most of the surveys are small and pay you about $2.00 each. It is not hard to quality surveys with mindfieldonline!

Ithinkinc – Their surveys are fun to fill up, although you may not receive often. Payment structure is via check and you get it usually in 3 to 4 weeks after the survey is completed. You would get some screeners before the paid survey is sent. They are mainly about household goods and products!

Taking an online survey is of course an excellent technique to make spare cash. However, certain things like opening an email account and PayPal is a must. The most important thing is to read their terms and conditions before signing up. Do have a note of all the id and password once you start registering with companies. Start taking surveys and see the cash flowing.

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