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Indian Patent Law will be emulated by many nations: S Chandrasekaran

S Chandrasekaran, former controller general of patents, designs, trademark & GI, India, has keenly followed the Glivec patent case. Chandrasekaran, who headed the patent office when Novartis’ patent claim was…

Pursue Career in Photography and Express Right with Compelling Clicks

Pictures are biggest means of communication, if expressed right they can create wonders. Photographs can be used to shock, amaze, excite and depress the individuals; they are as powerful as…


Infosys’ top-level departure: many challenges ahead

The recent departures of Ashok Vemuri, Infosys‘ head for financial services and the Americas, and several other senior executives, provide clear evidence that change is underway — and underway fast…


Indians ‘very optimistic’ on employment prospects

BANGALORE:(TNN News) Despite all the bad economic news around us, India is still seen as a good market for employment. The latest MasterCard Index of Consumer Confidence found that respondents…


Plan your career in Hospitality sector

With narrowing boundaries, hotel industry has widely experienced the surge. Globalization has boosted many sectors of the country with tourism and hotel being the eminent ones.Sound economic infrastructure facilities have…

Jobs for the bright minds

IBM: Jobs for the bright minds

‘Creating a smarter planet’ is the advertising line for the software giant IBM which reflects its mission and goal and work and value culture. Doing smart work rather than hard…

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