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Google Plans To Hire Security Guards As Employees, Not Contractors

Google plans to hire more than 200 security guards, making them full- and part-time employees of the company, and therefore eligible for company benefits. Previously, Google’s guards were provided by…


Google buying satellite maker Skybox for $500 million

The $500 million acquisition announced Tuesday initially will provide Google with the means to improve the quality and immediacy of the satellite imagery used in its digital maps. Google Inc. plans to…


Google Acquires Enterprise-Friendly Device Manager Divide

Google Inc said it has acquired Divide, a company whose software allows corporations to manage the personal smartphones that consumers increasingly use on the job. In a post on Divide‘s…


Google’s Nest acquisition for $3.2 billion in cash

Google bought Nest, a smart home device maker, for $3.2 billion in a deal that’s strategically important because it fills a gap in the company’s Internet of things strategy and…


#IIT Kanpur sees Rs 1.3-cr salary offer on Day-one of placement

#The placement season has started off with good news for Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) this year, with one IIT recording Rs 1.3 crore salary, while another, IIT, Kanpur, created…


Google to bring 50 million Indian women online by 2014

Close on the heels of “All Women Bank” in Mumbai, Google India launched an initiative in the country on Wednesday to bring 50 million women online by 2014, as only…

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