Tips for a successful Interview

corporate-staffingThe incumbent is most likely to appear for an interview in a dream company. It does not matter which school you attended, the type and number of degrees you hold, the experience you have or who all have recommended you; if you are able to break the interview code successfully, you will get the job. Try following the tips mentioned below and you will not only be well versed but are likely to present yourself as an appropriate candidate for the post.

Research the Company Profile.
Do the homework, go to the company’s home page and read about their vision, mission, strategy, products, finances, departments, competitive advantages, competitors etc. If the company does not have a web presence look them up at the library, call the Chambers of Commerce such as Bihar Chamber of Commerce or Industrial association, and find out all the information about them.

Introductory points.
The introductory speech is your two minute opportunity to enlighten the interviewer about yourself and what you have to offer. Most of the time you are asked an introductory question such as “ OK Mr. X tell us something about yourself”. You should not be surprised at this question and be prepared with a handy answer:
– Be prepared to talk about any career changes you may have had.
– Make a list of your strengths and the things you are currently working on towards your professional growth, with examples of each.
– Be prepared to talk about your weaknesses and how you are planning to overcome them.
Behave naturally, patiently and speak with confidence. Practice in front of the mirror if necessary before going for an interview.

Identify focal Achievements
Employers want to know how your appointment to the particular vacancy will make their organization better and contribute to their desired success. (Assuming you did your homework as suggested in point 1 you can offer examples of innovations, process improvements or revenue saving ideas that may be of interest).

Dress and Attire
The way you dress makes a statement about yourself. Avoid gaudy and bright colours and loud jewellery such as excessive rings in fingers. Regardless of the job that you are applying for, it is a good idea to wear a neat and clean suit or light formal trouser and executive shirt, even in a casual business environment.

Timekeeping is important
Must arrive at least 15 minutes early at the venue for your appointment. Ensure that you were not rushing, use this time to learn more about the company ambience, work place atmosphere and discipline. Observe the company’s employees behavior as you sit in the lobby. How do they look? Do they greet each other and greet you as well? Are they smiling and happy or tensed, serious and frustrated?

Keep Engaged in a Dialogue.
Remember, a conversation is a two-way exchange. Be curious and ask lots of questions to get a good understanding of how the company is positioned, department and management operate. Ask about the job responsibilities and company culture, e.g. Employee Recognition Programmes, opportunities for Personal and Professional development, current and future challenges of the position, etc. etc.

Clear, Confident, Open and Honest.
When responding to the employer’s questions, tell the truth! If you made a mistake, say it in a positive way, accept responsibility for it, and explain how you have benefited from the experience & what you have learnt. Do not pretend to be something that you are not, it will not work!

Salary and Perks.
At this stage of primary interview do not ask questions related to salary and perks. These are HR questions and may be asked later. The goal is to get as many options going as possible so do not talk about compensation at this stage, as it can be a knockout factor. Sell ideas to the employer all that you can do for them and justify your position for the position. If they are interested they will make an offer. Once the offer is made, you may start negotiating those issues.

Own Responsibility!
Remember, 50 percent of the responsibility for the right job match is yours. You are interviewing the employer just as they are interviewing you. After all if you are selected, you will be spending at least half of your waking day in this environment. So ensure that this is what you really want!
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