Key Factors for Workplace Motivation

workplace-motivationWorkplace Motivation
Motivation is a term that people like to talk about but they don’t always understand how to achieve it. These days, workplace motivation goes beyond simply receiving a paycheck. If you help keep your employees happy and healthy, they’ll be more invested in the company’s success. With just a little creativity you can craft incentives that’ll result in both employee and company goals being accomplished.

Keeping employees healthy
Providing fitness perks for your employees has several benefits. Not only will they have a more positive attitude, but attendance will improve with less need for sick days. There can also be a corresponding savings in health care thanks to fewer claims. Many companies have instituted onsite gyms or paid fitness club memberships. If you have a cafeteria, consider adding a menu with lighter, healthier foods. You might also start a plan to reimburse employees after successful completion of weight-loss or smoking-cessation programs.
While physical fitness is important, don’t forget about mental and emotional health. Developing job skills is a primary way for employees to gain confidence about their role in the company. Make education easily accessible through in-house training, off-site seminars and workshops or a combination of both. You may want to offer a hotline-type counseling service to help employees strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. Having a generous vacation policy also contributes by giving them a chance to rest and recharge their batteries.

happy-employeeKeeping employees happy
It’s important for workplace motivation to merge individual goals with those of the company. There’s an endless variety of options to reward employees for positive achievements. You may want to tie in a sales increase or expense reduction with a contest to win anything from gift cards to trips.
Incentives don’t have to be confined to monetary or material compensation. Many people are driven by a need for approval, so showing appreciation with a monthly recognition award can be a powerful motivator. Including a “status” bonus such as a prime parking spot or a paid day off will add even more meaning. Have employees submit nominations along with supporting anecdotes to create involvement across the workplace.
What’s in it for you?

A classic source of employee dissatisfaction is a sense of anonymity and unimportance. Demonstrating a genuine interest in their well-being causes them to buy in to the company’s mission because they see their place in it. Instead of feeling that “it’s just a job”, they believe themselves to be involved in both the day-to-day and long-term accomplishments.

When this results in a general atmosphere of satisfaction, your employer brand is raised accordingly. Your company will develop a reputation as an organization that recognizes contributions, making it an attractive destination for quality employees. The workforce will take pride in their efforts and strive to achieve increasingly greater accomplishments.

Remember that the key to workplace motivation is showing employees that their goals are important to you. When they see and believe that, your goals will be important to them as well. (Source: