Top 10 most trusted professions

paramedicsAccording to the Readers Digest annual poll, paramedics have been voted the most trusted profession in Australia for the seventh year running. Their calm demeanour and ability to take over a crisis when needed is why the public have so much confidence in them. Training in the profession can vary from state to state, but most ambulance officers tend to have a degree in health sciences or paramedics as well as years of experience working within the medical industry. Paramedics must be able to think quickly on their feet and make snap decisions. They can administer medication, use a defibrillator and if needed, can carry out intensive-care treatment on the spot.

Firefighting is the second most trusted profession as – just like paramedics – they are only ever called in a crisis. Speed and quick thinking are essential skills for the role. Firefighters must also be fit, as their role can feature a lot of physical assertion, and must be willing to put their own lives at risk in order to save others.
In third place of the most trusted profession list is nurses. As the backbone of the healthcare industry, nurses usually have the most contact with patients when staying in hospital. A caring and patient bedside manner is essential for the role as well as the ability to spot possible healthcare issues or problems.

Piloting is another trusted profession, having been voted fourth in the list. They can be responsible for hundreds of people’s lives at a time. If pilots were not trusted, then no one would ever travel on a plane. Although flying is largely believed to be the safest way to travel, pilots still have to negotiate turbulence and extreme weather conditions, which is why training for the job is so intense.

At number five in the most trusted poll was doctors. Working within the medical industry takes years and years of education, on-the-job training and a lot of experience. Doctors everywhere are responsible for people’s health and helping to treat all ailments, no matter how small. They work closely with pharmacists, a role which sits at number six in the poll. Pharmacists are responsible for administering and instructing the correct dosages of drugs to patients.

With pets being so well loved in Australia it comes as no surprise that vets feature in the most trusted poll. At number seven, a veterinarian is responsible for the health of animals. They will prescribe the appropriate drugs or treatment for a sick animal and will also make the decision as to whether an animal must be put to sleep.

The armed forces are another well trusted profession. It is the role of the army, air force and navy to protect the people of their nation and fight any enemies the country might have. A high risk job, many die in service of their country.

Farmers are the ninth most trusted profession in Australia. With the country being a major agricultural producer and exporter, farming is hugely important. There are over 135,000 farms in Australia, which covers about 61 per cent of the country’s landmass.
In 10th position on the most trusted profession list is scientists. Working within a scientific profession is an extremely important job, as you can be responsible for anything from researching new medication, to solving a worldwide epidemic.

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