Top 4 Questions You Must Prepare for Your IT Job Interview


When it is about hiring IT staff, the stakes are really high. While some IT hiring managers have the budget and time to invest into second round of recruiting, usually the right person is selected in the first round itself. Hence it becomes mandatory to outstand in the first performance itself without relying on the second chance.

While practicing questions for job interview in IT sphere, you must prepare beyond the usual “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” line of questioning.

Here are four common questions for job interview in IT sector and interview tips that can make you a top contender for the job.

1.  Tell us something about yourself?

The interviewing panel start making an impression of you, the moment you enter the room. And then after the standard introductory greetings, they usually set the ball rolling through this common question. Though this is an expected question, many candidates fail to use this opportunity effectively to tell about their capabilities and talents. Usually, in the IT sector, people look for attributes like sincerity, integrity, smooth communication and interpersonal skills. Make the advantage of this opportunity to tell something about you at the personal level and not about your graduate schemes. Don’t state the stuff that is up on your resume. Rather express your personal skills that are beneficial for the company. Tell them how you stand out from the other candidates.

They want to know you more, let them. Remember, be honest in your answer and don’t exaggerate. An honest answer will definitely grab interviewer’s belief in you and will also help you feel assured for the rest of the interview.

One of the best IT interview tips is to practice a quick sales speech beforehand in order to avoid fidgeting during the interview. To do so, you may start by telling a little about your past achievements and later explain the skills and personal strategies you employed to accomplish it. Make sure you talk about success stories and skills that are relevant to the organization or the position you are applying for.

Bringing individuality in your answers will definitely help you fetch more scores.

2.   What do IT professionals exactly do?

This seems an obvious question especially when you are applying for an IT job opening. If you have worked in the similar sector before, you can easily answer the question. However if you are someone new in the field, you must perform a prior research and know the basics of the IT industry and the day-to-day tasks you may be asked to perform.

3.  What do you know about our company and why do you want to work here?

Your answer for this question should be based on the prior research you’ve done on the background of the company. Take this as one of the best tips for job interview- When it comes to answering the part why you are in interested in joining the establishment, simply state what interests you about the company or IT industry and how can you contribute to its permanence. Express appreciation and respect for the organization and clearly explain how you can help the company in a way better than the other candidates. Also, try to get a clear understanding of the company’s objective and vision and how you can improve or sustain it through your personal relevant attributes and IT skills.

State what interests you- if it is the company’s reputation or the career development opportunities that it provides? Base your answers on positive effects. For instance, the nature of the job will permit you to use your excellent service skills and likewise.  Also, try to answer in terms of long-term goals.

4.  Are you better at working in a team or independently?

While working in the IT sector, team work and individuality both plays key roles. The major idea of a job interview is to determine if you will be able to fit in the team by judging your personality traits. The “team” here may refer either to the entire divisional unit including the boss and the hierarchy down or it may also be directed to the peers you will be working with. Base your answers differently on both groups until specified. As in divisional unit, stress on taking directions well and later implementing it successfully and in time. But in peer unit, you can emphasize on your quality to work in cohesion with others and be responsible.

Next time you practice for an interview, consider the above stated tips for your job interview to get your dream job irrespective of the graduate schemes you opt for.

Author Bio: Charles Homer is an educational expert and counsellor at Grad Diary. He recently launched a research paper that featured the various kinds of graduate schemes available across the globe.