Top paying career avenues in Finance

financeFinance is often considered to be the fastest-growing and highest payings pecialisation for management students and even in the times of recession, the financial sector jobs are safer than others. In fact, it’s one of the industries that thrives and the chances of you losing your job are slim. There are endless lucrative opportunities that you can take as a finance graduate. Let’s take a look at some of the highest paying finance career avenues that you can choose with a degree in finance.

Actuaries: Actuaries are business professionals who are responsible for risk management and identifying the consequences of business risks. They require a wide range of skills including financial management, stats, maths to ascertain the future of a business. Actuaries typically work in both government and non-government sectors and key to the running of businesses that rely on financial stability. Unlike what the job role suggests actuaries are graded depending on their managerial skills and assessment of specific situations instead of their technical skills alone.

Economists: Economists work mostly for the government sector and are responsible for collecting data and analysing the economic scenario for various sectors. It’s known to be one of the most rewarding jobs in finance and there are great opportunities for growth in this field. Studies done by economists allow governments to shape their legislations and bills for employment, healthcare, finance, safety and more.

Accountants: The need for accountants never ceases to exist and the growth opportunities in this field are immense. From the smallest of organization to top corporate organizations, accountants are responsible for book keeping, financial analysis and much more. In some cases they may also audit the records of a firm and prepare financial reports so managers can plan out their finances for a financial period. The role of an accountant is mostly technical and it’s known to be one of the most lucrative opportunities in finance. In some cases accountants may also be a part of the financial decision making process by providing valuable inputs and allowing organizations to take the right steps in investments.

Market Research Analysts: Market research analysts are very important to all organizations that rely on selling products or services. Market Research Analysts are responsible for analysing the market conditions that organizations want to tap into and look for key opportunities. They are also responsible for comparing organizational performance compared to competitors and prepare market research reports so organizations can plan out their marketing and sales strategies better. Many MBA graduates take up the job of market or equity research analyst to start their career in finance.

Auditors: Auditors are responsible for checking the fairness and truthfulness of organizational financial statements and other relevant financial documents. Auditors can work independently as well as for organizations to identify instances of fraud or identify mistakes that can come up when entering accounts. Both internal and external auditor are always in demand and they are some of the top paid professionals in the world of finance.

Real Estate Brokers: Real Estate Brokers are mostly reliant on commission but considering the high value of the real estate market, they are extremely successful financially if they have the right potential. It’s a high risk high reward career that can generate infinite income. Real estate brokers are responsible for identifying and making the right investments in the real estate business and analysing the viability of real estate projects.

Finance is one of the most rewarding sectors and most importantly, it is flexible. You can take up multiple career avenues and develop on them throughout your professional life. While some options are reliant on technical abilities others are focused on managerial skills and depending on your abilities as a professional you can choose a relevant career avenue.