Vacancy in FMCG sector


The FMCG sector represents a particularly dynamic arena for MBA hiring, involving retailers and the suppliers to retailers – Global powerhouses include P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Walmart, Tesco and many others. FMCG broadly covers retail goods with a short shelf-life, due to high consumer demand or rapid product deterioration. It includes such products as perishables and includes smaller household and fashion items. In the USA, an MBA is a standard entry level qualification for this sector, whilst in Europe and Asia, many graduates join training schemes, whilst MBAs join in junior management, brand marketing or finance roles.

No matter what company or team you join, a lot is going to be asked of you – and your managers will expect you to ask a lot of them in return. It’s a pattern across this sector that if you show the right dedication and ambition, you’ll be given plenty of responsibility early on.

People in this industry relish what they do, thanks, in part, to the freedom they’re given and the team spirit they enjoy. That’s not to say that they’re not competitive. In fact in the top FMCG businesses like Reckitt Benckiser, Hindustan Unilever, P&G, Colgate Palmolive etc. they encourage “constructive conflict, which drives better ideas, rather than all sit around the table and negotiate a consensus opinion.” It’s this kind of approach that encourages entrepreneurial spirit and leads to rapid growth. Hindustan Unilever says “From sumptuous soups to sensuous soaps, our products all have one thing in common. They help you get more out of life.

To join any of this industry’s top teams, you’ll need to share this drive. You’ll need to match the determination people in this sector prove every day. You’ll need to be motivated by great results, and by knowing you’re behind them. And you’ll need the passion to push yourself, your ideas and your projects as far as they’ll go – and then one step further. Click the Links below to find suitable Vacancy Next….

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