Ways to keep your mind occupied while unemployed

losing-jobsFailing to secure a job or losing one can be very traumatic and discouraging. Unemployment will always occur at one point of life; it can be anticipated or unanticipated. However, it is important to remain positive and optimistic of securing a job. This is no time to grieve, but you need to re-analyze your life and career future and hope that sooner or later you will be successful. You may feel you have hit a dead wall, or luck isn’t on your side but it is just your destiny. There are many things you can do to shape your life and take control of your life during times of unemployment.


Volunteering has lifted many people from nothing to greatness. There are many charity organizations in the society which you can decide to volunteer and work for. Though not paying, it would keep you busy all the time and therefore not feel the grief of unemployment. Most notably, such situations open ones arms wide and enhances the chances of seeing the real job market as it is. From volunteering, it is very easy for someone to consider you for a job without much effort. It gives you the opportunity to meet different people in various industries, who can be your source of help in the future. Remember for you to be successful, obstacles on your path should be a motivation not a failure. You have to fail, for you to rise to the top.

Draw a plan:

Ensure you daily schedule so that you do not end up spending the whole day searching for a job. Job search should never take much of your time, so as to avoid frustrations. There are other important things you can do in your home or society. Draw up your goals, securing a job among them. The goals should be realistic and attainable. This would motivate you because as you achieve the other targets, you get the feeling that you can also get a job. Spending all the time searching for a job is a sign of desperation, which can affect us emotionally.

Stay active:

During moments of unemployment, you need to analyze yourself and realign your career goals. You can engage in productive activities away from work. Staying calm and relaxed will make you realize the potential you have to change your own life, through little and productive activities.

Build worthy connections:

Always stay connected to the job market. Be social, keeping friends who can help you and building on the relationships. Get networked with people who are informed on the job market. Most jobs come through your friends and networks, not through advertisements. Some are not advertised at all. Share out your troubles and seek advice from your seniors.

However how long it takes you searching for a job, don’t give up. Keep the spirit high as if it is your first day of search. In case of unmanageable difficulties, you can apply for a jobseekers allowance contact number. It applies to those who are capable of and actively seeking a job or are underemployed (working under sixteen hours per week). The age bracket is 18-65 years. You must be a genuine jobseeker to be eligible for a proportion of the allowance.

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