What Are The Top Features Of A Good Job Site?

find-jobsAre you not finding the right platform for searching your next job? Are you still using the traditional methods to find a job? Then you should definitely read on to find out some of the best job sites in India that provide highly customised search results and have a huge database of employers and recruiters. Posting jobs on newspapers and print media are a thing of the past. It is a waste of resource and time for the organisations, as it has lower reach and costly. Nowadays, most of the recruitment is done through the help of online job portals, which is also an easy way for candidates to select the right profile that suits them the best.
With organisations looking for efficient method of recruitment, online job portals and web sites have proved to be good options with fast response and easy profiling of candidates. The other side of the story is also true, with easy search options and applications. Now, candidates can find a job of their choice in just a few clicks and in just one platform. But with the coming of a large number of job portals, you must be confused about which one to use.
Let us look at some of the features that candidates or recruiters should keep in mind while using a job portal for thenext job search or finding the right candidate.
1. Reliable postings and application process
What is the most important thing for candidates when it comes to job portals? It is the reliability of the process of application and the job postings available on the site. If the submitted applications never reach the intended recruiter it is useless for you as a candidate. Also the postings should be genuine.

2. Strong resume database
It is a very important factor for recruiters searching for a candidate in job portals. If an organisation wants good response from a job posting, the resume database of the portal should be huge enough to get enough responses. Top job sites in India have millions of resume in their database. E.g. naukri.com has around 47 millions of searchable resumes in their database.

3. Easy to search
This is true for both candidates and recruiters. It should not be difficult for you to search for the profile you are looking for. It should have a clean and efficient search option to get the required job listings in minimum clicks. There are some of the top sites like Monster India,Naukri and Indeed, which offers great job search options.

4. Customisable search options
Customisable search options are great if you are looking for any specialised or niche job profiles. The best job sites offer this option to filter the needed job from general search results. It also helps to find jobs according to experience, salary and other required factors.

5. Mobile-friendly
The best job sites offer seamless performance while you are doing your job search on a mobile platform. This will help you to keep your searching activities on-the-go and still have the same experience.

6. Provides job updates according to your needs
Another major thing about a good job site is that it should provide a candidate with updates regarding the current job postings for the profile that he/she is looking. It is not possible to go through the website on a daily basis, so if updates come twice or thrice a week in quick-look formats it is a great deal for the candidate.
There are a number of job sites in India, but only a few which provide all of the above mentioned features. Some of these top websites are like naukri.com, monsterindia.com and timesjobs.com. Naukri.com is the pioneer of job portals in India and has consistently being the best portal over the years. Timesjobs and monsterindia.com have been launched much later, but are becoming popular.

hasibuddinAuthor Bio: Hasib is a foodie and an avid reader with the same voracious appetite. He is interested in the current trends in job market and time to time writes about employment and career related topics.  Reach him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn