Why and How to land a job in the UAE

UAE-JobsThe United Arab Emirates is not only the most famous country in Middle East, but also the one which provides maximum opportunities in terms of jobs, high pay, and cost of living. All this makes UAE the first choice of Indians looking for a job change or a start. It is pretty evident from the fact that 2.2 Million people living in the UAE were Indians as on May, 2013.The number has only grown since because of the economic imbalance becoming a common thing in India and the turbulence it causes in the job market. Let’s see more reasons of why UAE is becoming the hot destination for Indian Job seekers and how to find a job there if you are one of them.

With an unstable economic condition and job market in India, Indians are now looking towards Middle east for job.. While there are many countries in the Middle East that provides fair amount of employment, UAE is the most famous one amongst Indian job seekers.

The reasons that have made UAE a jobseeker attraction are:


There is no tax on your income. Your take home salary is all yours, no portion of it goes to the government.


You can transfer money to India without additional Income Tax, only amount that is added is the transfer fees.


Air distance of Delhi to Dubai, the prime city of UAE is as good as travelling from Delhi to Chennai. Your employers will pay for your air ticket to come back home.


Cost of Living is very cost effective in the UAE, for someone who wishes to live alone, the salary that a fresher gets in the UAE is sufficient to lead an upper middle class life. House rent is also very cost effective in the UAE as compared to cities in India. For e.g. if you are working in Dubai, a 1BHK can be rented in the range of 3000 AED to 5000 AED, a 2BHK can be rented between 5000 AED to 8000 AED.


The clothing style is quite modern in the UAE cities, unlike any other country in the Middle East. Women are free to wear jeans and skirts (they have to wear a burqa in mosque).


UAE being a hub of cultural mixes, language is never a problem for Indians living there. Language like English is very commonly used in the country.

The benefits of working at the UAE are immense, and that makes getting a job there difficult. In order to bag a job in the UAE, you need to be skilled at what you do so that you curb the competition easily. The job search process for UAE is more or less same for a fresher looking for his first job or an experienced professional looking for a job change.

Where can you expect to get job openings for the UAE?

UAE-jobsIt should not be so difficult to get a job in the UAE considering you have selected your preferred industry, have a strong hold on skills needed for that industry. You have knowledge of the industry and job market scenario there.

Before you get ready for a wild goose chase; make a list of:

  • Preferred cities to work in the UAE
  • Industry
  • Growth rate of the chosen industry in future and in the home country
  • Culture of the chosen city in terms of food, language etc.

If you have already made up your mind for getting a job in the UAE, keeping in mind all the above mentioned factors. It’s time that you start searching for a job there. Ways you can look for a job in UAE are:

  1. Recruitment Agencies

Contact various agencies in India who deals with jobs in the UAE. Agency and consultancy fees are paid by the employer, with no money charged from the employees. Fees are mostly a percentage of annual salary, varying from 10 to 20 per cent for most of the jobs but are less for those with high salaries.

  1. Newspaper

Browse local ads in newspapers like the Gulf Today and the Emirates 24/7 etc. to find a job in your preferred industry

  1. Online Job Portals

Browse online jobs sites such as Naukri. com to get informed and apply in various job openings at the same time. Make sure your resume is complete and has all the necessary features to make the employers contact you.

  1. Professional sites

Exploit Linked In and other professional networking sites to connect with employers.

  1. Apply directly

Apply directly by visiting various companies website.

Bagging a job in the UAE is one of the sure ways to kick start your career. But remember, getting a job is just a part of your career, you have to work to your more than 100% to get your contract renewed and to not come back India empty handed.

triptiraiA professional writer and an avid reader, Tripti has been in the writing industry for 2 years now. Her work ranges from articles on property to education and employment. You can email her on itripti.rai@gmail.com and connect with her on twitter @itripti