Why Your Consulting Network Matters And How To Use It


Resume Writing

There are many tools that an applicant can use to land a consulting job. These include technical skills, an attention-grabbing resume and a solid network.

Out of all these variables, a consulting network is one of the most difficult to develop. This is due to the regular maintenance that it requires, which doesn’t get easier due to lack of free time and busy schedules. It is important to take note that all the hard work related to building a consulting network is worth it.

A strong network can have a profound impact on the career of a consultant; benefits to one’s reputation, new opportunities and recommendations.

Getting Started

Before we dive into the benefits, one has to first build his or her network. These days, there are several venues readily available for applicants who want to meet others like themselves. If you are a university student, simply join relevant organizations and clubs that are filled with consulting alumni. For professionals who don’t have access to such gatherings, the next option is to attend consulting seminars and conferences.

If you have a close friend or a friend of a friend who is in the consulting industry, then you’re in luck. Individuals without any leads may consider looking into credible social media sites such as LinkedIn. Start by being active in groups and share relevant content. This is a great time to ask questions and provide your own insight for the other members.

Recommendations, Insider Tips and Guidance

Once you have built a reliable network, it’s time to reap some of the benefits. One of the best ways to boost your consulting application is through a relevant recommendation from a consultant in the target firm you are applying for. This can fast track your application and ensure that it won’t get lost in the huge pile of cover letters and resumes. Make sure you inform the key individuals in your network in advance about your plans on applying for a consulting position.

If no one in your network is able to give you a recommendation, don’t worry. You may also choose to extract information (insider tips) that is relevant to the vacant job post. Information about what type of employee the firm is looking for, and why the last consultant left the vacant post are tips that you may not be able to get from websites or the brochure of the company.

Having someone guide you through the application process can help lower the pressure associated with recruitment. Additionally, doing mock interviews with someone who has already gone through the same ordeal can ensure that your preparation efforts are not going to waste.

An Investment Worth Keeping

Your consulting network will stay with you long after you’ve entered the consulting industry. You will find yourself relying on your strong network for the latest news circulating the top firms, new opportunities and even for companionship after a long day at the office. Because of this, it is never too early to start investing in your consulting network.

ConsultingFact can help you create opportunities through a well-developed consulting network. The website offers an online course with its own built-in community for applicants who are serious about entering the consulting industry. There are also guides available for those who are on the go, which covers topics related to case interview frameworks and consulting cover letters and resumes.