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design-crowdHow Design Crowd Works: Step 1: Describe your project, set your deadline, deposit your project budget and invite top designers. Step 2: Watch as 25 to 100+ custom designs are submitted from designers around the world. Step 3: Share designs with friends and colleagues, give feedback to the designers and request changes. Step 4: Select your favourite design, approve the files, download the files and release payment! Hot assignment and many more are available at Design Crowd.

Job Type: Web Design
Task Outline: Create a Web Design

Task Description
MoneyGeek is a new startup with a mission to help people invest their own savings. You can find more about the company and its objective in the current undesigned home page in the following link.

The logo of the company has already been designed, and uses the Nexa Bold font. The logo is available for download.

The ebook is already being designed, and will use the Nexa and Gotham fonts. The design doesn’t need to use those two fonts, but they must harmonize with them.

I’m looking for a design that can sell. I’ll be looking at the practicality of design, not just the aesthetics – e.g. action buttons must have unique colors, etc. The target demographic is young professionals, so a young and fresh look is desirable.
Deadline: Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Target Market(s) : Young professionals (ages 25-40) who are just starting to save and invest
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer’s brand and the style your design should communicate.

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