You must have skill-set to get a job in 2015

skills-gapCompanies are looking beyond problem-solving and analytical minds when hiring candidates for tech jobs. Soft skills are gaining equal importance even in tech jobs.

Today, companies want candidates to deliver from day one on the new job. But what are the real skills they look for when hiring a candidate. The TechGig team talked to a few hiring managers to understand the expertise required for the job that they look for when recruiting a candidate. Here are a few skills:

Problem solving ability

“Problem solving ability means the capability to arrive at deliverable solutions that are not quick fixes, but processes that prevent repetition of problems,” says Mrinalini Chandok, HR head, IT & Telecom, Winfo Technologies. “It also entails anticipating and addressing issues proactively so the client experience is smooth and professional.”

Computational thinking

“Given the flood of data, computational thinking today means not just thinking logically but also planning, and mapping out a strategy. This should anticipate what the software user may do and designing a proper response, learning from trial and error and developing an `Almost Perfect’ experience,” says Amrinder Singh, HR consultant. “In addition to this thinking, personnel also need to be aware of its limitations and suitably convey it.”

Analytical ability

“When we say analytical ability we don’t always mean in terms of problem solving or mathematical ability. Today, analytical ability is increasingly becoming the ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed. While computers can automate certain tasks or jobs, they can’t perform reasoned analysis, which is where humans excel,” says Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, managing director of e2e People Practices Pvt Ltd. “These are higher-level thinking skills that are yet be codified and create unique insights that are critical to decision making.”

Social Intelligence

“This skill goes beyond basic communication skills. It is the ability to connect to others at a deeper and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions. This skill enables you to quickly assess the emotions of those around you and adapt your words, tones and gestures to connect with the target quickly,” says Ramaswamy.

Trans-disciplinary ability

Complex problems cannot be solved by specific specialists, but require trans-disciplinary solutions. The successful candidate will be the one who brings deep understanding of atleast one field but has the capacity to understand a broad range of disciplines. This requires a sense of curiosity and willingness to go on learning as the years go on,” says Chandok.

Adaptive thinking ability and finding solutions to unexpected situations are the higher degree of skill requirements. Clearly, going forward, it is the thinking professional who will be in demand across different levels.(Source: ET)

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